Discussions on this topic would apply to both Scope's Xite rackmount system as well as the legacy PCI cards.  In general, this sort of information would be found in our Tech Talk forum area, spread across many topics.

As Xite itself connects to a modern PCIe slot (or via adapter in an appropriate mobile slot), the system choices will tend to be much wider and common. And S|C's support should have a much easier time giving some basic parts to source as well as documenting typically required tweaks for the system.

The legacy PCI system tends to require not just a system with PCI cards, but will also run on a much wider array of systems back to the XP era and before.  Due to this, containing simplified information across 20 years of hardware is no simple task. We again recommend engaging us in our Tech Talk forum linked above.

There may be some value in reading the following threads to gain some perspective on these subjects, especially the PCI card system experiences: