As we relate in our first FAQ item "Where this forum fits into the scope universe", we enjoy using Scope as much as you do (if not more).  And we love seeing new workflows integrated into our existing tools, Scope or otherwise.  However, as we mentioned there, we do not control Scope or have the ability to answer development questions, beyond sharing what we know as users. 

We just like and use Scope, but we are not an officially related Sonic|Core support forum. So please do understand that any responses are coming from end users like yourself.

As for specific features, sometimes these can be implemented via third party developers, sometimes we look to Sonic|Core for what they will be adding or fixing in upcoming versions.  In both cases, our experience has shown that we are dealing with smaller development teams (typically 1-2 people, depending on outside resources etc.) and a smaller overall ecosystem than one might be used to in other arenas. 

For example, in comparing our products to Android & iOS software, one might gain the impression that Scope moves slowly compared to the pace of mobile OS updates and related application support.  This would be true, but it's not really a valid comparison.  Still, the pace of software development there makes sense given the size of the entities involved there who make it possible for small teams to turnaround their software quickly.  Similarly, comparing Scope to hardware it's not hard to observe that even from the largest vendors it's common to find support only for 4-5 years, or to experience companies who drop support when operating systems change enough to necessitate new drivers and/or interfacing.  And there are of course companies who are notable exceptions to this.  One who comes specifically to mind is a tip of the hat to RME, who still produces drivers for products going back as far as Scope does.

So the hardware and software aspects combine in Scope, which is much more than a soundcard and also not simply a software layer on top of more agnostic hardware (Scope doesn't run on RME or onboard soundcard chips).  Keeping in mind that we are end users who love new features, we enjoy seeing them in Scope as well.  But when they are not, we have many other tools, and so we also spend a good deal of time discussing those tools and how to combine them effectively with the tools we already have.  Including Scope...

Which means that you are likely to find us responding with practical rather than ideological solutions to many questions that relate to this FAQ entry.