Using Scope

The Scope product, developers and userbase have over 2 decades of history.

That's a lot of ground for new users and experienced alike to cover.  Here are a few topics that we find useful from introductory to essential information all advanced users should know as well:

A beginner's Guide to Sonic Core Scope

The power of the Scope DSP platform suits a wide range of applications with a core modular paradigm behind it - both in the hardware configuration and in the user experience. Scope is:

A audio and midi interface with extensive i/o configurations

A virtual headquarters for your studio

A sound design playground with mixers, synths, effects and a modular synthesis engine

Scope hardware is currently available in the Xite format, but the legacy PCI cards still work great and are readily available in the used market.

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SC Scope Platform Overview (video)

Get to know the Sonic Core Scope DSP Platform, still an amazing architecture with unique features and components on the hardware and software side, routing capabilities, mixing, effects, synths, modular, 3rd party devices, unique workflow, active community and more.

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Setting up your Scope computer

Some general tips on how to setup your host computer to work best with Scope DSP cards.

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XITE-1 PC Configuration Reference

Notes on how other uses have setup their Scope XITE-1 host computers, including specific components in a system build where possible.  This thread includes notes on systems that experience instabilities with potential workarounds as well as systems that are known to work well.

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LiquidEDGE Xite tips

How to avoid annoying stuff with Xite! This is a reference to explain work arounds to bugs and explanations to things that seem slightly "illogical". Most of the information has come from planetz users and (which is packed full of detailed info and help) so thanks to all of you that have shared such great knowledge.

Most of it could be useful for xite users (newcomers and early adopters alike). Its not fun having to remember these quirks and best practices, so here it is written down to leave your mind free to just make music and enjoy the sound.

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System Builds

System Builds

Repair Service

Sonic Core PCI Card Capacitor Replacement Service

External Scope Resources

External Scope Resources