Here at PlanetZ, we enjoy music technology as much as you.  We in fact enjoy having probably many of the same things as you. However, we don't make Scope directly.  And so as end users we mostly discuss how to best use what we have at our disposal, as well as how much we would like to see certain things added to our shared interests in the Scope platform. 

From time to time, newer members will ask questions that have been historically discussed, but perhaps not recently enough to be easily found for newer people to our forums and/or Scope.  So if we relate how reasonable it is to expect certain things now or in the future, it's simply based on past experience in these forums and in knowing and using Scope as a platform.  Believe us, we all love new things. 

While Sonic|Core may be aware of and sometimes browse the forums, this is not an official support forum and it's generally best to not expect that kind of responsiveness to discussions here.

While I'm sure Sonic|Core would love to be responsive to all of our needs and requests as the current company offering the hardware and software products we use,  they do not own or control these forums.  And we do not own or control Scope, aside from the relationships with Sonic|Core we may have as customers.  And that customer channel is currently their website and in the information given on their contact page.